New Door Installation SErvices

At Larchmont garage Repair Company, we are focused in selling a range of varied garage doors that fits within everyone’s reach and has aesthetic value. Some people do prefer wooden garage doors and we do pick them up from local manufacturers. Contact us and wooden garage doors add instant character and warmth to your residential property. Design options comprises of both conventional garage doors in panel style and carriage house style of the wooden garage doors. Some of our team technicians can provide you a catalogue or pamphlets that have all the designs and you can select the one that fits your budget.

Plus, all the garage doors are of reasonable rate with good quality materials. If you want to replace it, ask us for opinion, our experts are ready to do so. Apart from that, new motor installation is our spatiality and Garage door repair Larchmont completes the work within couple of hours.

Consider these points before making any purchase:

  • Wood replica colors or solid colors
  • Non insulated or insulated
  • Materials such steel, wood, fiberglass
  • Decorative style carriage house parts
  • Styles such as
  • Flush panel
  • Raised, short panel
  • Raised, long panel
  • Vintage styles
  • Barn door styles
  • Carriage House Styles
  • Windows

Garage door repair

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